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    Construction Robots at Your Service

    Source: Science and Technology Daily | 2022-05-19 11:51:47 | Author: QI?Liming

    By QI Liming

    Today, if you need your concrete poured, walls painted or indoor spaces measured, there’s a robot that can do the job for you.

    Construction robots not only solve safety problems in the construction process, but also ensure quality and improve efficiency.

    Exterior walls of high-rise buildings is some of the most dangerous work in the construction industry. Robots can not only help build, but also paint these exterior walls, which means workers can avoid dangerous tasks.

    A robot is painting the wall of high-rise building. (PHOTO: VCG)

    Being 3.25 meters long and weighing about 650 kilograms, the robot used for exterior wall painting is equipped with drone-like rotors on both its sides. It uses the thrust generated by the rotors to push it against the wall while working at high altitude. In this case, the thrust can also keep the robot stable.

    According to the size of the wall, engineers set the trajectory for the robot in advance. In addition, the spray head is installed on the mechanical arm of the painting robot. Operators can control the function of the sprinkler head through a program setting.

    Operating a robot is like controlling a toy: operators click the button on a tablet computer, and a wireless signal is transmitted. The robot receives instructions, then begins to spray paint automatically.

    Painting an exterior wall of about 1,000 square meters as an example, it requires two workers to work continuously for 12 to 15 hours, while one robot can do the job in two to three hours.

    In addition to high-risk work, construction sites also have dangers of dust, noise, and acrid smells. With the help of construction robots, construction workers can also be free from working in these unhealthy working environments.

    Editor: 余昊原

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